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I endorse David Romeo, my childhood friend

Upon finding out that David Romeo was running for City Commission, Zone 4, I wondered how much more this man could give. And then I realized that civic involvement, and the need to be an asset for others, is what drives David.

David and I grew up together in a small town in Upstate New York called Massena. It's on the border of Canada. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for 40 years. He is ethical, hard working and successful. So many people have become the beneficiaries of David's involvements.

I know, without a doubt, that David is the man for the job. I've discussed his platform, and community goals; he knows what he wants for the city that he loves. He wants what is best for the whole, and not just a select few. David's ethical foundation will not let him be tugged by special interest groups. He will stand strong in the face of adversity, and will do all that he can to make Ormond Beach all that it can be.

When I mentioned that David is successful, you will never hear it from him. He is as humble as he is hard working. He measures his success by the people he has touched in his life.

When I think of David, the first thing that resonates is his closeness to family. He lives for his family, and his boys couldn't have been more fortunate to have such a caring, loving father. To see David with his family, one can truly see the meaning of commitment. It's this kind of commitment that the community of Ormond Beach can expect from such a man.

It is truly an honor and a pleasure to endorse David Romeo for the position of Commissioner of Zone 4.

Michael Violi

  • David is open and transparent and will tell it as it is.  He is responsive and efficient.  I am very confident that David will deliver a personal level of service to you, Zone 4, and will create a value to the Ormond Beach community. - Frank 


  • I highly endorse David Romeo for Commissioner of Zone 4 of Ormond Beach! I grew up with David and his family in a small northern New York town. He has always been a man of high ideals and great integrity just like his father, Frank. I can tell you this...no moss will ever grow under David Romeo's feet. This man will do what he says and he is a man of his word. Again, I highly recommend David Romeo for Commissioner of Zone 4. - Christopher


  • Friendly, patient, fair, intelligent, even tempered, with an abundance of common sense… that’s the David Romeo I know. Too, he is one of the most dedicated fathers I have ever met. The academic and athletic achievements of his three children stand testament to the positive effects of his parenting guidance.

    David is also a successful technical sales professional. Success in this field requires keen analytical thinking abilities and seamless inter-relational social skills. These attributes along with principled business ethics recently earned him a promotion to the position of National Sales Manager.

    In every single one of his endeavors, David Romeo has proven himself to be value added; a strong asset. History has a habit of repeating itself and the City Commission would benefit if David were elected as the Zone 4 representative. - Don